Recent Deliveries


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SE waste water management
15/02/2022 – Ady from South East Waste Water Management picked up his brand new Mazda BT-50 XTR. Thank you for choosing the team at OGR!
Glenn Cutting
15/02/2022 – Glenn has just driven away with his brand new CX-5 Maxx Sport. Congratulations Glenn!
Ni Ka
27/01/2022 – Ni Ka was stoked with the purchase of her brabd new Mazda CX-8. We loved working with you. Happy driving!
Belings Rogerson
25/01/2022 – We are loving the pink personalised numberplates on Belindas brand new BT-50 Thunder! Happy driving!
Nicole Gordon Kia Sportage
23/12/2021 – Nicole is absolutely smitten with her brand new Kia Sportage and we don’t blame her! Congratulations from all the team at O.G.R.
Ken Smith
22/12/2021 – We hope you love your new Kia Seltos as much as we do, Ken! Enjoy the new ride.
Alan Robbins
22/12/2021 – Congratulations to Alan, Georgie and baby Tilly on the purchase of their brand new Mazda BT-50 XTR! Thank you for choosing O.G.R. Enjoy!
Wayne Cook
14/12/2021 – Big things are going to happen to this BT-50, we cant wait to see the transformation. Congratulations Cookie on the brand new purchase and thank you for choosing O.G.R.
Sally Czerwonka
1/12/2021 – How nice are these new wheels?! Congratulations Sally on the purchase of your brand new Mazda 3.
Neville and Sandra Bowd
30/11/2021 – Congratulations to Neville and Sandra Bowd on the purchase of their brand new Nissan Qashqai. Enjoy your new wheels!
William Wakeley
25/11/2021 – Out with the old & in with the new hey Bill Wakeley, three’s a charm, our best CX-5 Diesel owner! Thank you!
Megan McKenzie
18/11/2021 – Your new CX-30 will look great in your garage Megan, thank you for buying your car from OGR!
Brian Haines
17/11/2021 – All set up ready for adventure, congratulations Brian! We hope you enjoy your new Mazda BT-50.
Taylor Cozzi
17/11/2021 – Welcome to the Mazda family Taylor, congratulations and thank you for buying from OGR!
Marcus Smith
10/11/2021 – Marcus recently surprised his lucky kids with a brand new BT-50 Thunder. Congratulations Smith family!
Kevin & Karen Simkin
29/10/2021 – Ready to tour Australia in your new Mazda CX-9 Azami. Congratulations Kevin & Karen Simkin!
Maria McKelvie
21/10/2021 – Red really does go faster, hey Maria McKelvie! Enjoy your new Soul Red Crystal Mazda 2!
Heather Barry
19/10/2021 – Worth the wait for your new Kia Seltos! Congratulations Heather & Thank you for your patience.
Xavier Player
15/10/2021 – Enjoy taking your new Kia Seltos for a spin Xavier! Thank you for buying your new car from OGR.
Alison Marks-Newton
15/10/2021 – Well worth the wait for your brand new car, congratulations Alison!
Joe & Ange Pratt
15/10/2021 – Happy travels Joe & Ange in your New Nissan Patrol Ti-L! Congratulations!
Judy & Renee Dehaas
14/10/2021 – Ready to tour the country with your customised Mazda BT-50! Safe travels Judy & Renee.
Lynton Menzel
7/10/2021 – Congratulations Lynton on your new Mazda BT-50!
Rob Kairl
30/09/2021 – Congratulations Rob & Jackie on the purchase of your new Mazda CX-3 Maxx Sport in Soul Red Crystal.
Braydon Kelly
30/09/2021 – Congratulations Braydon on taking delivery of your brand new Nissan Navara Pro-4X in Burning Red!
Rebecca Cornish
29/09/2021 – Thank you for choosing Mazda for your first brand new car! Zoom-zoom.
Garry & Ronda Edwards
28/09/2021 – Completely customised from head to toe, congratulations Garry on taking delivery of your new Mazda BT-50 Freestyle Cab!
Stephen & Elisa Lawrie
28/09/2021 – Welcome back to the Mazda family Elisa & Stephen Lawrie! Thank you for choosing OGR.
Zahlia Dakin
27/09/2021 – Hope you’re enjoying the latest tech in your new Mazda CX-3 STouring! Congratulations Zahlia!
Mark Dohnt
24/09/2021 – What a way to come back to SA Mark, enjoy your new Nissan Patrol Ti, thank you for your support.
Sue SE Asbestos
24/09/2021 – Sue’s will be zoom-zooming around the South East in a brand new Mazda CX-5 Akera Petrol Turbo AWD! Thank you for supporting OGR Sue.
Riccardo Tralongo
24/09/2021 – Riccardo has that new car feeling! Congratulations & thank you for choosing OGR Kia!
James McIntosh
22/09/2021 – Congratulations James on the purchase of your customised Mazda BT-50 ready to tackle whatever you can throw at it.
Robin & Susan Postill
22/09/2021 – Happy to be going home with not only a new car but a new Weber BabyQ too! Congratulations Robin & Susan Postill!
Georgina Hunter
22/09/2021 – Another Mazda CX-3 joins the Hunter family, congratulations Georgina! Zoom-zoom
Maddisen McFarlane
20/09/2021 – Thanks for travelling from Bordertown to purchase your brand new Mazda CX-30 Maddisen, zoom zoom!
17/09/2021 – WOW! What a surprise this was! Congratulations & Happy 18th Birthday Shaks!
Darren & Tanya Jones
15/09/2021 – First brand new car for the Jones Family, enjoy those adventures in your new Mazda BT-50!
Samuel & Jessica Grills
14/09/2021 – Sam & Jess Grills turning up the heat in their brand new Nissan Navara! Congratulations guys!
Don McCarthy
14/09/2021 – Safe travels Don in your new Mazda CX-5 Maxx Sport AWD! Thank you for choosing OGR
Tania Scicluna
19/08/2021 – Well the wait was worth it! Congratulations Tania on your new Kia Sorento GT-Line! We appreciate your patience.
Gambier Forestry Spares - Bob Herring
18/08/2021 – Work or play, you made our day Bob Herring! Congratulations on your new Mazda BT-50 GT Thunder!
Georgia Revill
2/08/2021 – We’re super happy for you too Georgia, congratulations on your new Kia Seltos!
Graham & Maria Ellis
30/07/2021 – All decked out ready to travel the outback in a new Mazda BT-50 GT, happy traveling Graham & Maria!
Mohd Adjuddin
30/07/2021 – Happy zoom-zooming in your new Mazda CX-5 Mohd. Congratulations.
Karlie Earle
20/07/2021 – Congratulations on taking delivery of your new Mazda CX-5 Karlie. Zoom-zoom
Katie Window
20/07/2021 – Enjoy the drive Katie, welcome to the Mazda family!
Matthias Schwarz
20/07/2021 – WOW Matthias! We can’t wait to see the finished custom tray on your brand new Mazda BT-50. It really will be the complete package!
Thomas Hemmings
1/07/2021 – This is one tough rig Tom, congratulations on your new Mazda BT-50 GT
Leon Badenoch
30/06/2021 – Thank you for choosing OGR for your new work ute Leon!
Robert Howieson
30/06/2021 – From a Mazda Bravo to a brand new Mazda BT-50 Freestyle Cab! Congratulations Robert Howieson! Enjoy the drive!
PSM Plumbing
22/06/2021 – Built to work, the BT-50 is the complete package for PSM Plumbing. Thank you for your support.
Harradine Family Trust
18/06/2021 – Enjoy your new BT-50 David, congratulations on your new Mazda BT-50 purchase!
Emily Wilson
7/06/2021 – Brand new Mazda BT-50 for our country Doctor. Thank you for choosing OGR Dr Wilson!
Jess Kipping
25/05/2021 – Hope you enjoy the drive Jess, congratulations & thank you for buying your new Mazda CX-9 from OGR!
P N O Electrical
20/05/2021 – Thanks for choosing OGR & travelling from Ballarat to purchase your new customised Mazda BT-50 Paul & Nat of P N O Electrical!
Molly Werchiwski
19/05/2021 – Enjoy the drive Molly! Zoom-zoom
Total Therapy Solutions
19/05/2021 – Your employees will be safe & sound in this Mazda CX-5 Maxx Sport, thank you for buying local.

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