Don’t just hope to steer clear of kangaroos – get a ShuRoo, and they’ll steer clear of you!

ShuRoo is an Australian designed high-frequency vehicle protection system that helps to combat the problem of wildlife collision, particularly with kangaroos.

For nigh on 30 years, ShuRoo has worked with amazing success, proving itself over millions of kilometres of real situation implementation—such as fleet, commercial, and domestic vehicle applications—to drastically reduce the instance of kangaroo collisions.


How ShuRoo works:

  • ShuRoo creates a unique pattern of high-frequency sound that is silent to humans but creates an extremely loud police siren type of alert to kangaroos. Any kangaroo in the ShuRoo range of projection, which is approximately 400 metres ahead of, and 50 metres either side of, your vehicle, will be alerted to your approach and likely move in the opposite direction, out of the projection range, or simply stay put where it is and watch you safely drive by.
  • ShuRoo is not a magical forcefield, but works to improve the awareness of both driver and animal to help avoid collisions or to help avoid accidents caused by sudden, uncontrolled swerving.

ShuRoo features:

  • Helps prevent collisions with wildlife.
  • Fits all vehicles from small cars to road trains.
  • Works day & night; rain, hail or shine.
  • Utilizes cutting-edge high frequency technology.
  • Designed Aussie-tough for the harshest conditions.
  • Lightweight super-strength injection-moulded casing.
  • Includes full mounting and wiring.