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Say goodbye to stale air & bad odours!

The problem: The moist, dark environment inside the air conditioning system provides the ideal conditions for the growth of micro-organisms.

Dust and pollen carried along by the air are the ideal medium for a huge growth of bacteria. When the air conditioner is switched on these micro-organisms are blown into the passenger compartment and are inhaled by passengers.

The solution: Wynn’s Aircon Service uses ultrasonic technology to kill the mould and bacteria growing on the evaporator surface and refreshes the air ducts and the passenger compartment.

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Do you need a brake fluid flush?

Brakes warning signs include:
- Your car takes longer to stop than normal
- Car brakes are not responsive as normal
- Car loses grip when braking
- Brake pedal is low, hard, soft or spongy

Brake fluid absorbs moisture causing corrosion and microscopic particles of rust and rubber end up in your brake fluid lines wearing expensive brake components compromising stopping power.

Phone (08) 8724 1133 to book. This advertisement MUST be mentioned at the time of booking.

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Peace of mind for up to 12 months

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Take advantage of one of our special offers on car cleaning packages today.


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Save over $100 on Window Tint. 


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