OGR Staff Achievements

Holden Grand Masters - 2017

OGR Holdden Grandmasters 2017

Scott Fartch - February 2018 - Kia Master Tech Status

OGR Kia Scott Fartch Master Status

Holden Guild Awards 2017

OGR Holden Guild Awards Daryl Matt Gavin

Daryl Watson - received a Distinction for 2017 Tech Guild exams

Gavin Doyle - received Silver Level Certification in spare parts interpretaion

Matt Rebonds - received Gold Level Certification and passed his Tech Guild exams 

December 2017 - Daryl Watson - Top 3 SA Holden Tech Guild Finalist

Daryl acheived a top 3 position in the South Australia Holden Tech Guild Competition.

Holden Grand Masters - 2016

Seven OGR staff members received awards for sales excellence, customer service, aftersales delivery, training and other quality measures.To read more about OGR's success at the 2016 Holden Grandmasters awards, click here.

Peter Roberts - December 2016 - OAM Service to Industry Award

Barry Stafford (left) presents Peter Roberts from the OG Roberts Group with the Barry Maney OAM Service to Industry Award.

Aaron Jones - December 2016 - Outstanding Academic Award

Joe Majdak (right) presents Aaron Jones with the most outstanding academic award for light vehicles.

Matthew Pittman - December 2016 - Most Outstanding Automotive 2nd Year Apprentice

Barry Stafford (right) presents Matthew Pitman with the most outstanding automotive second year apprentice

Brendan Fleming - November 2016 - Kia Master Tech Status

Leigh McCracken - September 2016 - 47 Years of Service

Leigh McCracken has worked for the OGR Service Division for 47 years and will be retiring in September 2016. He has been a loyal employee who is greatly valued by management, staff and our customers. Congratulations Leigh on a mighty effort!









60 years in business - July 2016

OGR celebrated 60 years in business in July 2016. To read about OGR's history, please click here.