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OGR Awards 2019

Mark Vaughan - Inducted into the Holden Complete Care 'Hall of Fame'

After almost five decades in the automotive industry, Mark Vaughan has been inducted into the Holden Complete Care 'Hall of Fame'. Mark was recognised for donating his time to fix a customers car who was going through a tough time. 

Holden Guild of Excellence Awards

Recognised in Holden's Guild Awards: Mark Vaughan, Stacy Fiegert, Simon Phillips, Corey Crafter, Daryl Hillier, Catherine Kilsby, Nathan McEachern and Matthew Kuchel. Absent: Shayne Whennan.

OGR Everyday Hero - Employees of the Year

Our staff were asked to vote for their colleagues (one vote from each department) to help select the 2019 OGR Everyday Heroes. The winning employees are recognised for going over and above the expectations of their role.

Image (left to right): Bryce Roberts, Mark Vaughan, Janet Sturges, Gavin Doyle. Absent: Vicky Carrison.

Long Service Awards

Janet Sturges (Accounts Administrator) achieved 20 years of service with OGR.

Jamie Hunt (Reconditioning Technician) achieved 20 years of service with OGR.

No photo: Andrew Aberley (Parts Representative) achieveed 25 years of sevice with OGR.


OGR Awards 2018

Patrick Hughes - MTA Second Year Apprentice of the Year

In December 2018, Patrick Hughes won Apprentice of the Year for the 2nd year running. 

Scott Fartch - Master Tech Status

In February 2018 Scott Fartch acomplished Kia Master Tech Status, becoming an expert mechanic for the KIA brand. 

OGR Kia Scott Fartch Master Status

Long Service Awards

Daryl Watson (Workshop Foreman) achieved 20 years of service with OGR. 

Daryl Watson 20 years of service at OGR


Nathan McEachern (Workshop Controller) achieved 20 years of service with OGR.

Nathan McEachern 20 years of service at OGR


No picture: Shaun Sampson achieved 10 years of service with OGR.

OGR Everyday Hero - Employee of the Year

Vicky Carrison took out OGR's Employee of the Year in 2018 for demonstrating excellence in the customer service arena.

OGR Awards 2017

OGR Holden - Holden Grand Masters

OGR Holden was delighted to be awarded Holden Grand Masters title again in 2017, our fifth win in 6 years. The prestigeous award comes as a result of excellence in sales, customer service, aftersales delivery, training and other quality measures.

OGR Holdden Grandmasters 2017Holden GrandMasters OGR 2017

Pictured (left to right): Corey Crafter, Matthew Kuchel, Simon Phillips, Nathan McEachern, Stacy Fiegert, Catherine Kilsby, Daryl Hillier, Bryce Roberts.

OGR Holden - Holden Guild Awards

Daryl Watson - received a Distinction for 2017 Tech Guild exams

Gavin Doyle - received Silver Level Certification in spare parts interpretaion

Matt Rebonds - received Gold Level Certification and passed his Tech Guild exams 

OGR Holden Guild Awards Daryl Matt Gavin

Pictured (left to right): Daryl Watson, Gavin Doyle, Matthew Rebonds.

Daryl Watson - Top 3 SA Holden Tech Guild Finalist

In December 2017, Daryl Watson acheived a top 3 position in the South Australia Holden Tech Guild Competition.

Patrick Hughes - Apprentice of the Year

First year apprentice Patrick Hughes made us all proud when he took out the 2017 MTA Apprentice of the Year Award (Automotive Industry).

Patrick Hughes 2017 Apprentice of the Year OGR Automotive

OGR Awards 2016

OGR Holden - Holden Grand Masters

Seven OGR staff members received awards for sales excellence, customer service, aftersales delivery, training and other quality measures.To read more about OGR's success at the 2016 Holden Grandmasters awards, click here.

Pictured (left to right): Matt Cox, Bryce Roberts, Simon Phillips, Shayne Whennan, Catherine Kilsby, Daryl Hillier, Matthew Kuchel, Kym Sykes, Stacy Fiegert.

Peter Roberts - OAM Service to Industry Award

In December 2016, Barry Stafford (left) presented Peter Roberts from OG Roberts & Co with the Barry Maney OAM Service to Industry Award.

Aaron Jones - Outstanding Academic Award

In December 2016 Joe Majdak (right) presented Aaron Jones with the Outstanding Academic Award for light vehicles.

Matthew Pitman - Outstanding Automotive Apprentice

In December 2016, Barry Stafford (right) presented Matthew Pitman with an Outstanding Automotive Second Year Apprentice Award.

Brendan Fleming - Kia Master Tech Status

Brendan Fleming reached Kia Master Tech Status In November 2016 through completion of comprehensive training to become an expert mechanic for the KIA brand. 

Leigh McCracken - 47 Years of Service

Leigh McCracken worked for the OGR Service Department for 47 years and retired in September 2016. Leigh was a loyal employee and was greatly valued by management, staff and OGR customers. Congratulations Leigh on a mighty effort!

Pictured (left to right): Peter Roberts, Karyn Roberts, Leigh McCracken & Bryce Roberts.

Long Service Awards

Matthew Rebonds (Service Technician) reached his 10 year milestone with OGR.

Matthew Rebonds 10 years of service with OGR


Stacy Fiegert (Financial Controller) celebrated 15 years of service at OGR. 

Stacy Fiegert 15 years of service with OGR


Shayne Whennan (Service Advisor) reached 15 years of service at OGR. 

Shayne Whennan 15 years of service at OGR

OG Roberts & Co - 60 Years in Business

OGR celebrated 60 years in business in July 2016. To read about OGR's history, please click here.

OGR 60 years logo